About Olivia Brown

Olivia Brown - Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc.Olivia Brown CNHP, RRPR

Canada’s Leading Cannabis Friendly Alternative Licensed Practitioner!

Olivia Brown is the ONLY alternative licensed practitioner approved by Health Canada to write a referral for access to medical cannabis. Olivia supplies the latest medical documents needed to move forward with prescription service.



  • 1999 – 2001 – Fletcher And Associates Community Support Worker Certificate Course Completed 474 Hours of Clinical and 200 Hours of Education.
  • 2002 Attended Mohawk College Human Skeletal Anatomy Forensics
  • 2014 Cannabis Training University Completed Master Exam
  • 2014-15 Herbal Risings.com First Female And First Canadian to complete all 3 course credits successfully
  • 2015 Attended 2 Online Medical Cannabis Conferences 1. Treating Opioid addiction and Medical Cannabis Summit
  • 2016 University Of Ohio / medicalcannabisinstitute.org Courses include :
  • Role Of The Clinician: Helping patients optimize their relationship with cannabis and Cannabis in the management of neuromuscular disorders,
  • Cannabis Therapeutics in Hospice and Palliative Care and12 more CME course credits
  • AMA and PRA Category
  • 2019 CannSell Standard Certification – Employee Training

1. Cannabis Education Courses by Green Flower Media. They include Addressing Fears about using Cannabis as medicine, Using cannabis to treat addictive behaviors, Cannabis Delivery Methods and Dosing Using Cannabis to treat, reverse and prevent early onset altztimers and dementia and

How Cannabis works in the body and most recently Treating Children with cannabis.Olivia is a recent graduate of School Of Complementary Therapies receiving her RRPr. Registered Reflexology. Olivia is Board Certified and fully insured .



  • First Canadian Female to complete ALL On line Herbalrisings.com Certificate Courses
  • First Female Canadian entrepreneur to begin a Cannabis Consulting Company in Hamilton ON
  • 1 of 130,000 Canadians to hold a Federal Exemption for Medical Cannabis
  • Able to deliver clear, concise cannabis education to large or small parties in a variety of ways with option of power point.
  • Proud Member of Toronto Women Grow Organization
  • First company EVER to distribute Rick Simpsons Published book The Rick Simpson Story

Olivia Brown’s passion and ability is unmatched in the now world wide recognized Cannabis Industry. Olivia’s ability to maneuver through the many emerging sub industries is one to take notice of. She has spent the last 6 years immersing herself with only the Top Industry Leaders such as Charlo Green ( Alaskan News Reporter who quit famously Live On Air because of Cannabis stigma)

Jindrich Bayer as well as The Prince Of Pot Marc Emery as well as Mr and Mrs Rick Simpson. Other names include Dr Carl Hart and members of Women Grow. Women Grow Cannabis Summit has had speakers suck as Melissa Ethridge and more to come in the future. Olivia Brown fully supports the research of Dr Rapheal Mechoulam, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel He is the leading authority on medicinal cannabis science.