About Professional Cannabis Consulting

Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc is a Hamilton Medical Marijuana Clinic

Professional Cannabis Consulting in Hamilton offers a selection of cannabis-related services, everything from private home visits to patient advocacy. Dedicated to helping people understand how medical marijuana can improve their lives, Professional Cannabis Consulting strives to eradicate the stigma of medical marijuana and aid patients in Hamilton and beyond access and understand its benefits.

Professional Cannabis Consulting Inc OfficeThe founder of Professional Cannabis Consulting, Olivia Brown, accumulated over fifteen years of experience in the medical marijuana industry before starting her consultation organization. As a patient, it took her a long period to be able to access medical marijuana and treat her needs, and she wanted to simplify that process for others so they could achieve a higher quality of life much sooner. Proud to be the first Canadian woman to complete a university-level education on cannabis, Olivia Brown is a certified expert in marijuana with more than ten thousand hours of research. To this day, she has helped hundreds of Hamilton patients connect with doctors, comprehend Canada’s regulations and truly understand what medical marijuana can do for them and how it works.

Professional Cannabis Consulting offers Hamilton patients and one stop shop for understanding medical cannabis. Working with four different doctors, they provide clinical visits either in their Hamilton office or will also travel to a patient’s house or workplace to connect them via video chat. They pride themselves on being as accessible as possible, and their patient’s happiness is of the utmost importance. Professional Cannabis Consulting provides great customer care, helping patients get their prescription and understand anything they could want to know about medical marijuana.

Committed to giving back to their Hamilton community, Professional Cannabis Consulting offers generous discounts for veterans, seniors, and low-income patients. Patients have the option to see doctors more frequently than their one-year prescription requires, and are more than welcome to call with any questions. Appointments may be scheduled, and walk-ins are accepted, all to help accommodate as many patients as they can.