Terms Of Service


  1. I believe cannabis is a non-toxic form of medicine.
  2. I allow Olivia Brown to apply infused topical lotion to my feet during a reflexology


  1. I am not prone to negative episodes while using cannabis.
  2. I understand that my obligation to Professional Cannabis Consulting is firstly an assessment

Appointment, followed by follow ups every 1-3 months for 1 year AT LEAST.

  1. I understand that neither Olivia Brown CNHP, nor her family, any assets under her and her

Family, and or business assets, nor Professional Cannabis Consulting, are responsible for my health well being and or general happiness (in any way).

  1. I understand that all information and education that Olivia Brown has provided me with is accurate and from Accredited sources.
  1. I agree to never, under any circumstance, proceed with any and all LEGAL, CRIMINAL OR ANY OTHER FORM of liability AGAINST Olivia Brown, her person, her family, and or her business’s and or home or families assets including home.
  1. I agree that all information that has been provided by me to Olivia is true and accurate. I understand that any dishonest statement will result in my contract being terminated and all future and outstanding debts to PCC will be due. If payment is not made, Olivia and PCC will move forward with legal action, including creditor collection company’s.
  1. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide the information needed (ID’s, supporting Medical documents, etc.) within 30 days of payment. If I fail to provide this information within the given time period, I understand that my contract will be terminated, and I will need to repeat the initial process (including repaying initial fee) if I would like to continue going forward, and I understand that I will not receive a refund for this.
  1. I understand that there are never any refunds when it comes to dealing with Olivia’s services, whether it is Professional Cannabis Consulting or Cannabis Infused Reflexology.